About Us

We are the Parker family.

Aaron (papa), Reed Ilya, Molly (mama), and Scarlett Lena. Dogs: Cache, Josie and Nina.

We adopted Reed and Lena from Ukraine in December 2010. They are 11 months apart in age. Reed is 4 and Lena is 3.


Reed is smart, spunky, and hilarious. He can also be a bit overbearing. He asks us to call him "God" and I think he knows perfectly well what that means. When asked if he was happy living in an orphanage, he told us "No, because he didn't have a mama and a papa."

The first photo we saw of him, May 2010?

Second day we spent with him, November 2010. Still warming up to us.

DSC_7749 - Version 2
July 2011, home 8 months.

Scarlett Lena is sweet, cuddly and charming. She can be emotional and struggles with her speech. She can wrap people around her finger the first time she meets them.

March 2010.

Second day with her, November 2010.

July 2011, home 8 months.

This is "Helen" (not her real name). We are in the process of bringing her home now. She is 2 months younger than Lena. She is in a different Eastern European country, not the same one that Reed and Lena are from.

The dogs are adopted too, from Heartland Weimaraner Rescue. They are NOT triplets and are NOT related, that we know of. And, it's quite easy to tell them apart... Lena could do it within a couple weeks of being home.